SAGE is an independent think tank equipping defence, space and industry to grow and succeed

Dedicated to the further understanding of global and local geopolitical issues, our experts provide strategic advice and open doors for industry and government to achieve their goals.

We do this in three important ways:

Research & analysis


Industry engagement & consulting services

Specialising in defence, space, security and international relations, we communicate knowledge and insights—objectively and with no political bias—that solve problems for businesses and government.

It’s about securing sustainable growth and success while navigating modern stressors, risks and complex political and cultural frameworks.

Our team also deepens the conversation with academia, civil society and the media on important foreign and domestic issues impacting stability, peace and prosperity.


Let us lead the way and prepare you for an increasingly politically and culturally-diverse world.


“If it is not right do not do it;

if it is not true do not say it”

– Marcus Aurelius –

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