Dazed & Confused: Trump & the Mueller Enquiry

By Dr. John Bruni
SAGE International Australia

With the release of the Mueller Report and the finding that Donald Trump, or any of his known associates, were innocent of collusion with Russia during the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, and, that there was no ‘obstruction of justice’ by the Trump White House has now had its effect. The international media’s 24/7 news cycle, will be doing its bit to tear this piece of news apart in so many different ways that by the end of this week, we the public will know even less about why the enquiry that promised so much to bring the US president to heel, delivered so little.

Those who have always supported and believed in the innocence of Donald Trump in these matters will be vindicated, and no doubt celebrating their president’s “exoneration”. They now will also have the ability to claim, with some justification, that any attack on the current US Commander-in-Chief is no more than cheap, nasty, impotent, partisan shots by the Democrats and their supporters.

To those who believe that Trump is a pox on the Office of the President of the United States, nothing will have changed. The divisions inherent in Trump’s America, between supporters and ‘hater’s will simply amplify leading up to the 2020 presidential campaign.

What is almost certain is that President Trump will see out his first term and a second term is not completely out of the question.

The Democrats, which placed so much faith in Special Prosecutor Mueller’s ability to ‘dish dirt’ on Trump leading to his fall from grace, will be demoralised. Some among the Democrat’s staunchest supporters will question the Party’s strategy of relying almost entirely on Mueller to undo the US President. No doubt there will be pressure to mount investigations into Trump’s finances, but failing to get the objective ‘king hit’ from the Department of Justice (DOJ) through Mueller confirming the Democrats’ anti-Trump bias, this all smacks of desperation and will be spun out to the media as such by White House staff.

But make no mistake, the reverberations of the Mueller Enquiry, will haunt the remainder of Trump’s first term and the Republican Party. For Trump supporters, the scent of victory may be sweet for the moment, but there are still enough Congressional members across the party divide, Democrats and Republicans, who want to see the end of the Trump administration and will actively agitate for the president’s removal one way of the other. But for now, Trump can relax knowing that his leadership has survived an excoriating and drawn out investigation which seems to have done no more than put another hole in the pockets of American taxpayers.

For those in the international community who have been sitting on egg shells on the outcome of the Mueller Enquiry, we had just better get used to the idea that ‘The Donald’ is here to stay until the time of his choosing.

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