Amidst global tensions and alarming headlines, an in-depth analysis of Iran's internal dynamics challenges the prevailing narrative of imminent conflict. Despite the external portrayal of Iran as a formidable force, internal fractures and vulnerabilities suggest a more nuanced reality. The leadership, represented by the Ayatollahs, faces doubts regarding their competence in economic and political management. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), acting independently, diverts state funds for proxy forces, which is unpopular among Iranians. Recent events expose weaknesses in Iran's proxy network, indicating potential collapse without direct support. President Raisi's lack of popularity and economic struggles raise doubts about mobilizing for a high-intensity war. The regime's cautious approach is rooted in the need for survival, as military escalation poses a threat to domestic stability, potentially triggering internal opposition.

Dr. John Bruni

SAGE International

Adelaide, South Australia


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