PISM Strategic Ark Conference Warsaw, Poland

24 May 2024, Day Two of the PISM Strategic Ark Conference

I recently had the privilege of visiting Warsaw, Poland, to participate in a panel discussion on the Middle East as part of the 2024 PISM Strategic Ark Conference Series with the central theme – The Art of Winning. Organised under the directorship of Sławomir Dębski from the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), the conference brought together military, diplomatic, and scholarly experts to exchange insights on pressing global security issues. Our discussions delved into the complex dynamics of the Middle East, offering diverse perspectives and fostering robust debate on future policy directions. It was an enriching experience that highlighted the importance of international collaboration and expert dialogue in addressing contemporary geopolitical challenges.

My thanks to the PISM team, for the smooth logistics and support in getting me out to Poland and for returning me to Australia. My thanks also to the staff at the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria. For those of you who would like to see the proceedings of Day 2, please find it on the PISM YouTube Channel here:

And some pictures of the event –



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