Caught in a Web? The Internet in the 21st Century

My thanks to the Young Australians in International Affairs (YAIIA), and Matthew Holding for having invited me to speak on Radicalisation on the Internet. The subsequent panel discussion with Senator Rex Patrick, Dr. Zac Rogers from the Jeffery Bleich Centre, Flinders University & Jane Higgins from the Oddessy Program was excellent & insightful.

The presentation, coming as it did 24 hours after the El Paso domestic terrorist attack certainly drove home the rise of Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) of the right as a new problem plaguing our communities. It is with some relief that 8chan, the social media platform that hosted the El Paso perpetrator’s racist political rant was quickly brought down.

Attached, please find a couple of photos of the event:

Caught in mid-sentence, Dr. John Bruni addressing the audience






















Panel discussion







Group shot

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