Dr. John Bruni returned for another 3-year term on the RUSIDSS-A National Board

On 19 October at the Vibe Hotel, Canberra,  SIA CEO Dr. John Bruni was voted back as Director on the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies – Australia (RUSIDSS-A) National Board for another 3-year term at the Institute’s AGM.

Bruni says that: “RUSIDSS-A is at a critical juncture in its development. The new National Board will be working very hard over the next 12 months to consolidate the organisation’s transformation, making it relevant and responsive to the needs of the Department of Defence as well as to its general membership.”

Bruni was very optimistic on the Institute’s prospects: “RUSIDSS-A’s lineage in Australia predates federation. It is important for august bodies, embodying a rich and lengthy history such as RUSIDSS-A to have a future since they all tell a story about Australia, and in our case, interest in Australian security which in itself is a fascinating narrative.” 


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