News: Trips to Canberra

Recently, SIA CEO Dr John Bruni was in Canberra on two separate trips.

On October 17-18, wearing his other hat as Director of the National Board for the Royal United Services Institute of Defence & Security Studies – Australia (RUSIDSS-A) he attended the company’s Annual General Meeting. Dr. Bruni recognises and appreciates the work of former Company Secretary, Air Commodore Peter McDermott AM, CSC (Ret’d); former National President & Board Chair, Air Commodore Anker Brodersen, CSC, RAAFAR (Ret’d) & former Company Treasurer Mr Herbert (Mickey) Michaelis for their work and stewardship in keeping this August company running.

RUSIDSS-A National Director, Dr. John Bruni




After business on October 17, Dr. Bruni and other Board Directors and Presidents of the RUSIDSS-A’s state and territory constituent bodies retired to the Australian Defence College, Weston Creek, to see Her Excellency Hon Dame Annette Faye King, High Commissioner for New Zealand speak on the Christchurch massacre and the international response to this incident, as well as other NZ national security issues. This event was arranged by the USI of the ACT.

Her Excellency King, High Commissioner of NZ


On a separate trip, October 21-25, SIA CEO Dr. John Bruni and SIA’s Senior Analyst International Security, David James Olney went to Canberra to conduct a number of Ambassadorial-level interviews for the SPGP Defence Grant on the Indo-Pacific. Dr. Bruni said:

“…it was a very productive trip and we were very grateful that the Embassies approached were so generous with their time. We are looking forward to returning to Canberra next year to continue our engagement with other Embassies and High Commissions.”

Road to Canberra: John & David at Adelaide Airport


John & David in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall at the Harmonie German Club, Canberra


Of course, not to be outdone, SIA Research Assistant Shahrezad Ghayrat, who just happened to be in Berlin when John & David were in Canberra, took a picture of the Berlin Wall in Berlin. Hah!


John & David at the Union of Myanmar Embassy. Our thanks to Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission Aung Kyaw Moe for his time and for allowing us to post a couple of pictures of our visit.



Another day, another Embassy


Last day of business. A spot of lunch at the Canberra Hyatt before more interviews. Friday was gruelling but rewarding


David awaiting lunch at the Hyatt






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