Professor Purnendra Jain in India on Assignment for SIA’s SPGP Defence Grant

Professor Purnendra Jain, SIA’s Head of Research & Academic Development is currently in India on a research assignment for SIA’s SPGP Defence Grant.

Purnendra will be speaking to Indian officials, academics as well as to think tanks to plumb the depths of India’s broader role in the Indo-Pacific region – its ambitions, its challenges and its opportunities. We wish him a successful and productive trip and we look forward to hearing his reflections and insights when he returns home to Adelaide later this month on an upcoming episode of STRATEGIKON.

While in India, Purnendra will be attending the prestigious Raisina Dialogue. This is India’s premier geopolitical conference bringing together high-profile speakers from over 100 countries. The Raisina Dialogue is jointly organised by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation. Before flying to India, Purnendra spoke to national multicultural broadcaster, SBS Hindi. For those of our listeners who are fluent in Hindi, you can listen to his run through on the Raisina Dialogue by clicking the following link:

Prof. Purnendra Jain on the Raisina Dialogue SBS Hindi

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