FiveAA – International Aukus Agreement


As Afghanistan falls to Taliban forces, an International crisis looms as a likely repercussion. Concerns for the Afghan people have developed into fears for the greater region, with violence expected to ripple through Pakistan and Iran.

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Money, Guns and Morals: The Diplomatic Hurdles Facing Saudi Arabia’ Trade Partners

The death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been making waves throughout the media for its macabre nature, and extremely suspicious explanations from the nation of Saudi Arabia.

It’s a sensationalist narrative, but one that has created a quandary for Saudi Arabia’s trade partners, and a challenge to countries’ commitment to human rights. Is it still worth pursuing trade deals with a country accused of such a grisly slaughter, or should countries back off on a moral stance and suffer the economic consequences?

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Syria Expert Chat, Sky News Australia

Dr. John Bruni CEO of SAGE International Australia joins a discussion with Professor Clive Williams MG (Strategic Defence & Studies Centre) on the impact of Trump’s Strike on the Al Shayrat airfield in Syria in retaliation for the Khan Sheikhun (Idlib Province) chemical weapon attack. Discussion hosted by Sky News Australia Anchor, Helen Dalley. First aired Friday, 7 April 2017 Sky News Australia.

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The Syrian Situation – Mornings – ABC Radio

Images of citizens who’d been gassed prompted US strikes on a Syrian airfield. What’s behind the tensions? How can we work out which stories are true? What impact will the US strikes have on the rest of the world? Ali Clarke seeks a variety of insights, with Felix Patrikeef, Associate Professor International Relations at Adelaide University, Dr Tim Anderson, Senior Lecturer with the University of Sydney and author of ‘The Dirty War on Syria’, John Bruni, Director of SAGE International who’s a terrorism and security analyst, then Tory Shepherd, Political Editor with The Advertiser on Australia’s political reaction.

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After US Strike on Syria Russia Threatens Real War

SIA CEO Dr. John Bruni speaks with FIVEaa’s Jeremy Cordeaux on the state of the world following on from the US strike on the Al Shayrat airbase in Syria. First aired, 10 April 2017.

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Horrors of War: Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack

Last night another chemical weapon was used on the people of Syria, with fingers starting to be pointed at Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. So the questions remain; Why attack his own citizens and what can be done to change things?

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