IDSC Webinar

Dr. John Bruni will be speaking at this upcoming event:

“HEGEMONIC TRANSITION: A Secure World Amid the Vaccine Revolution, Digital Transformation & Economic Competition”


International Development & Security Cooperation (IDSC), Manila, Philippines

Executive Summary

            As the world bravely faces 2021, a year after the coronavirus pandemic made transformative impact on multiple dimensions of global governance, wreaking destruction on public health,  competitive economics and Darwinian human survival, scholars and thinkers saw again the contours of world politics as constantly shifting, and how states understand and adapt to those changes is central to its success. While people are in berserk of an accelerated digital transformation, wealth of evidenced-based scholastic studies presents the rise of great power competition cascading into a multipolar international system that will lead to some kind of hegemonic transition. This change in the balance of power leads many to conclude that pax Americana cannot endure its current position, and now challenged by a Sinitic power. The webinar on Hegemonic Transition: a secured world amid the vaccine revolution, digital transformation and economic competition will reconfigure the narratives of the 21st century’s great transformation about this post-truth phenomenon as experts from around the world will converge online to analyse and document it.

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