MAST Advanced Workshop 2018

During two intensive days, you will join a coordinated working groups (choice of three syndicates) to evaluate evolving disruptive technologies, analyse the impact (threats and opportunities) they pose to future military planning, and identify best practices to develop, procure and deploy effective capabilities to tomorrow’s war-fighters.

This first-in-class workshop, Disruptive Technologies in Defence I: Development and Deployment, will deliver a fully interactive, task-driven forum, demanding maximum immersion from every registrant.

The event will be chaired by Professor Sir Nigel Richard Shadbolt FRS FREng CITP CEng FBCS CPsychol and professionally facilitated and accurately documented by a leading data company who will monitor the progression of three/four syndicates to address pre-assigned tasks. Together, this team will direct each syndicate/stage of work towards the event’s overall objective: to create a White Paper of dependable and actionable recommendations to be referenced by leading military operators and technologists.

Whether you are responsible for operating or developing military platforms/systems, the MAST Advanced Workshop format will help you evaluate those disruptive technologies that will pose the greatest challenges, and identify possible opportunities as a result.

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