Short-sighted or short-changed? What can we do for long-term strategy in Australia? Feat. David Khandan (STRATEGIKON Ep 70)

Today, John, David and Tim spoke to David Khandan on how to beat short-termism and politicisation in managing our national security needs and requirements.

David is Austability's Executive Director, Strategy and Relationships. A visionary leader with over 25 years of experience in the Australian Law Enforcement and security sector, David brings a positive attitude and the right stimulating environment to Austability's mission of countering terrorism and related transnational serious organised crimes. David has been stationed in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates since 2009 and over a 10-year period has predominantly been involved in building organisation capabilities and capacity for law enforcement and national security agencies of the Gulf countries, extending the same to north Africa. He is currently conducting his Master's in Terrorism and Security Studies at Charles Sturt University, Australia. David is now Austability's Executive Director for Strategies and Relationships, a post that requires a firm understanding of the operational landscapes of Terrorism, transnational serious organised crimes and development of strategies to counter these phenomena. With acute precision, David tackles a variety of stimulating tasks and as a result, he offers the tools and techniques required by Austability to maintain operational stability and efficiency.

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