Sovereign Capability – Lessons to learn from COVID-19 (STRATEGIKON 79)

High above Mapleton Park in Adelaide's inner suburbs STRATEGIKON's dynamic duo, John & David fight with technology as they put this episode together in a 'co-isolation' setting! Our thanks to STRATEGIKON producer Tim, for doing such a sterling job of putting this episode together. A shout out to Loki the cat for not being psycho during production.

In today's episode John & David look at sovereign capabilities. During a time where much national treasure has been invested in creating global supply chains from advanced economies to less developed economies, COVID19 has seen this globalised structure fail to keep the supply of essential goods up with public demand. Hoarding, profiteering and government ineptitude has led to significant shortages, a problem that has yet to be solved. Is it time for us to reconsider bringing the jobs and skills of manufacturing essential goods back to our sovereign shores?

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