STRATEGIKON 104 – Hyper-Realist Bombs 3 – The Trajectory of the Russia/Ukraine Conflict and the Emerging Fair World Order (Audio Only)

John and David are joined once again by friend of the podcast Rhoderick Miller, who offers an update on the Russia/Ukraine war through the lens of his contrarian, hyper-realist perspective. They discuss why the Western European allies seem to have pulled back their supply of weapons to Ukraine, as well as how the military equipment supplied by the United States might match up against Russia’s on their home turf. Additionally, how is Russia managing being involved in operations across the globe, including locations as far away as Central and South America, while being involved in a major conflict? Finally, what are the prospects for food and energy shortages retuning to normal levels in the near future? This podcast was recorded prior to the Russian Army's victory in Luhansk.

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