In Search of Non-Human Intelligence (NHI): The Silver Star Expedition

In this episode, we speak with Harvard Professor Avi Loeb on his incredible Silver Star Expedition to find evidence of alien artifacts! Avi has recently returned to the United States from spending time on the Australian ship, the Silver Star, dragging a sledge on the ocean floor off Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, looking for fragments of an interstellar object that crashed there in 2014. What did he find? Is it artificially created by some long-lost civilization beyond our solar system, or did some yet-to-be-determined natural process create it? In the halabalu being generated by sensational claims coming out of the U.S. from UFO whistleblowers, Avi is using his curiosity, coupled with the scientific method, to see if this interstellar visitor is something to get excited about.

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