Lebanon: No Country of Wise Leaders

The Focus:  Episode 2

Lebanon has long been known as a place of civil war, military occupation as well as weak and poor governance. The Lebanese capital Beirut, once dubbed the Paris of the Middle East has fallen into disrepair. Corrupt tribal, clan and sectarian politics has picked the bones clean from the Lebanese state leaving Southern Lebanese Hezbollah as the country’s only true power centre. This group, considered by Israel and the West and a terrorist organisation and an active proxy of Iran, is representative of only a proportion of southern Lebanon’s Shiite community. Hezbollah is akin to the fox ruling the squabbling chickens of the Lebanese hen house. Can the national aspirations of the  Lebanese people for a fair, representative and just society emerge out of the wreckage of the country’s sectarian strife? In this episode of The Focus, John speaks with Rami G. Khouri to find out.

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