Putin & Ukraine – Gambler or Chess Master?

Like the old classic song by Kenny Rogers, The Gambler goes:

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, And know when to run, You never count your money, When you’re sittin’ at the table, There’ll be time enough for countin’, When the dealin’s done”

In this episode, John speaks with former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Georgia, Eka Tkeshelavili, on Ukraine and Putin.

Is the Russian President about to pull off another of his signature surprises and stun the world by taking Ukraine in part or entirely? Or, has he overstretched Russia’s strategic limits and boxed himself into a corner through a miscalculated gamble? Who else to better unpack this international puzzle than someone who has experienced a Russian attack on her country back in 2008.

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