Repressive AI feat. Steven Feldstein

In this thought-provoking conversation, Steven Feldstein takes us on a captivating exploration of the dark underbelly of AI, where the lines between technology and tyranny blur. He unveils the unsettling truth about how repressive regimes are weaponizing AI to surveil, control, and silence dissent.

Show Notes -

In this episode, we journey into the world of Repressive AI with none other than Steven Feldstein, the author of "The Rise of Digital Repression: How Technology is Reshaping Power, Politics, and Resistance." (Buy it here: Amazon)

Steven Feldstein, a leading authority in the field, guides us through the complexities of how technology and AI are reshaping the dynamics of power, politics, and resistance. We dive deep into the dark side of AI and its implications for democracy, governance, and global politics.

In his latest journal article, "The Consequences of Generative AI for Democracy, Governance, and War," published in Global Politics and Strategy, Survival, Volume 65, 2023 - Issue 5, Steven Feldstein sheds light on the far-reaching consequences of generative AI. We discuss the findings and their impact on our world today.

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