Chilean Coup: 50 Years On

Today, we have two incredible guests joining us for a deep dive into this pivotal moment in history. Dr. Rodrigo Acuña and Prof. Clinton Fernandes are here to unravel the untold stories, enduring impacts, and the resilient spirit of Chile in the five decades since the historic coup. So, buckle up as we journey through time and uncover the layers of history, right here on The Focus.

Show Notes:

For those interested in getting hold of that book Clinton mentioned by author Nicolas Jose, its called The Idealist & should be out at all good bookstores soon.

For those of you interested in the background and works of Jared Diamond, here’s a little summary for your interest purloined from our friends at Wikipedia: Jared Mason Diamond is an American geographer, historian, ornithologist, and author best known for his popular science books The Third Chimpanzee; Guns, Germs, and Steel; Collapse, The World Until Yesterday, and Upheaval. And yes, in 1961, he earned his PhD on the membranes in the gallbladder, some suggesting his diverse authorship including on topics such as geography, history and anthropology is on the account of Diamond being a polymath.

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